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Abdulaziz Mohamed Dubet "Sache"

Abdulaziz Mohamed Dubet, who also went by 'Adan' and 'Sache,' was a courageous, humble, intelligent leader within his community. He was goal-orientated, mature, and loving. He had the biggest heart and would offer his help to anyone without being asked. Sache was a beautiful soul who always sported a smile. He always took the time to say hello and catch up on conversations with people he didn't see often. He was an aspiring lawyer and husband, and he always found a way to be the best son, brother, uncle, and friend he could be.

On June 12, 2020, Sache was at the wrong place at the wrong time and had passed due to the senseless gun violence within the city of Toronto. While Adan was taken from us so cowardly and mercilessly, he has reminded us of how fleeting life is and how we should live each day working towards being better people.

Shortly before Adan's passing, a school located in Halimale, Somalia, lacked infrastructure and funding and needed help building a roof. Adan took it upon himself to purchase a roof for the school, leaving us with a mission to complete and a legacy to continue.

Adan's dedication to this school and his compassionate nature, believing in improving educational opportunities for children back home, has touched our hearts. After his passing, we promised to work as hard as we could for the advancement of this school and to put smiles on people's faces.

While Smile For Sache began to commemorate the loss of Sache, we have evolved into an organization that embodies meaningful change, giving back, and healing. We have genuinely taken Adan's passion for giving back to the less fortunate and made it our own.


May Allah (God) forgive and have mercy on his soul and grant him jannatul firdous (paradise). Ameen.

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