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We are passionate about giving back to our communities, especially to those that are disadvantaged. At Smile For Sache, we are eager to eliminate the consequences of social barriers that entrench our society. Tackling issues such as poverty and systemic discrimination, it is our priority to improve the lives of those around us. 


At Smile For Sache, we are driven by giving back, an act of charity. In an effort to embody these values, we organize give backs throughout the year to help individuals, families, and community members that are in need. Our team adamant implementing our initiatives beyond our local sphere. As such, we have actively expanded our projects to both national and international levels. 


We are reminded of the quote “A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world.”

- Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Local Initiatives

We are pleased to announce that with your donations and contributions we have:

Made and distributed over 200 meals in Downtown Toronto

Donated and distributed over 100 personal hygiene kits across Toronto

Distributed 100 winter jackets and 300 care kits (emergency sleeping bags, socks, toothbrushes, hats & gloves)

Sundae Funday Giveback: Gave out 1267 summer treats across 8 marginalized communities in Toronto

International Initiatives

At Smile For Sache, we recognize that we are extremely privileged to live in a developed country with access to opportunities and resources. Knowing how fortunate we are has fuelled our devotion to giving back to those in need. With that being said, we have also:

Distributed food to a small village in Somalia on Eid Al-Adha (religious holiday) 

Raised $22,000 in collaboration with 10 other organizations to help individuals in Somalia & Ethiopia suffering from famine and drought

Donated 30 toys and 150 goodie bags to children in Somalia on Eid Al-Adha 

Provided 150 uniforms for boys and girls in Somalia


Sundae Funday was our 2022 Summer Giveback, where we served FREE ice cream cones and slushies to 8 marginalized communities across Toronto. It was a wonderful series that brought hundreds of smiles to people's faces and provided a refreshing treat on those hot summer days. This past summer, we distributed around 1300 summer treats. We aim to continue this amazing and enjoyable initiative every summer!


During Ramadan 2022, we launched the Feed the Fasting Program, where we started by preparing 30 meals for 30 days and delivering them to those who were fasting. This campaign rapidly grew to have 100-200 meals prepared each day. We concluded the month with over 3500 meals prepared and distributed across the Greater Toronto Area. This was one of the most rewarding programs we have done, and we could not have done it without the help of those who donated and our amazing volunteers. During Ramadan 2023, we have made and distributed over 4000 meals to those in need. 


Please be advised that the donation link will take you to our partner organization; Elephant Thoughts where the donation will be processed. Once you click the link above, under the designation tab, please select Smile For Sache. Thank you for your support!

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