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Sports have been long proven to create an environment that cultivates positive characteristics and traits among the youth. With that being said, Smile For Sache has established soccer program that prioritizes the need for positive social bonding. More importantly, it is focused on tackling a group of youth that are often excluded from sports.


On June 18, 2022, we held our first-ever women's soccer tournament where 8 teams played for a Smile For Sache Trophy and a $600 cash prize! 


While it is not often discussed, the suppression of women contributes to the lack of social progression and development that permeates low-income households. This restriction on women’s freedom significantly impacts those inevitably disadvantaged by multiple layers of identity. As a result, these females are not raised in an environment that promotes a healthy body. Often, roles and tasks allocated to females revolve around the domestic sphere. However, we are keen on moving beyond these boundaries to teach young women to take care of their health through exercise, sports, and physical activity.

"Being a part of Smile For Sache's soccer team has truly changed my life. I not only found a way to enjoy my passion, but I've joined a community that feels loving, positive, and welcoming."

- Sarah (Participant on the Women's Soccer Team)


Please be advised that the donation link will take you to our partner organization; Elephant Thoughts where the donation will be processed. Once you click the link above, under the designation tab, please select Smile For Sache. Thank you for your support!

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