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Healing communities begin internally. Our objective is to openly discuss the problems people face and work to build stronger communities. We plan on supporting and motivating others to make the necessary changes in our lives through programming, leadership and empowerment. 


And Still, She Smiles is a 3-day healing retreat for mothers who have lost their children due to violence. Our team at Smile for Sache emphasizes the importance of strengthening mothers for stronger communities. Mothers that directly suffer from the trauma and impact of gun violence are often overlooked in gun-violence initiatives and programming. Providing support to parents is essential for shaping children and future generations.

Our program comprised of healing circles with Shiffo Farrah, massage, acupuncture and pedicures sessions, a personal chef, and outdoor activities. Our goal was to empower these mothers beyond what they believed was possible because strong mothers build strong families and stronger communities.


Please be advised that the donation link will take you to our partner organization; Elephant Thoughts where the donation will be processed. Once you click the link above, under the designation tab, please select Smile For Sache. Thank you for your support!

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